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Pages proposed for translation

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  1. Mail Delivery Options
  2. TeamLeaders:New Moderator Orientation

Pages in translation

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  1. Email Issues
  2. General Issues
  3. Guidelines and Disclaimer
  4. How To Sign Up
  5. How To Use Freecycle
  6. How To Use Mod Tools
  7. Introduction
  8. Join page
  9. Joining Via My Freecycle
  10. Main Page
  11. Moderation
  12. Moderators
  13. New Moderator Orientation
  14. Volunteering
  15. Moderator Manual:Files disclaimer
  16. Moderator Manual:Guidelines and Disclaimer File
  17. Moderator Manual:Main Page
  18. Moderator Manual:Mod cafe
  19. Moderator Manual:Recruiting moderators
  20. MemberFAQ:/:

Broken pages

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  1. Moderator Manual:Files farewell