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The team deals with inappropriate posts, spamming, foul and abusive language, maintaining the basic rules of Freecycle that everything must be “free, legal and appropriate for all ages” and generally keeping the site safe for the members.

We have access to a vast amount of the behind the scenes areas of the org. which we use to check out any posts or members that need looking into.

This is also backed up by us having our own technician within the group.

When we come across a scammer we immediately remove the scammer's account (which blocks then from rejoining MyFreecycle with the same username/email address) and we always keep a log of our actions. Spam control only removes scammers/spammers. Members who need to be removed for other reasons are reported to the Hub Coordinator.

The team work very closely together and have our own “Yahoo” hosted group as well where we often discuss various posts to ensure that we are taking the right actions.

We pass on many inappropriate posts to the appropriate GOA.

Spam Control team wiki

Spam Control Team access only.