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Below is a list of GOAs and the areas that they cover. This is correct as of Feb 2021 but is subject to change at any time. The directory in the GOA wiki may be more current.

Mike Australia
Penny Canada
Marina Quebec Canada
Marina France
Alison International
Penny Ireland
Alistair New Zealand
Tina East UK
Patti East Midlands UK
Alison London UK
Mike North East UK
Jakkie North West UK
Penny Northern Ireland UK
Alistair Scotland UK
Tina South East UK
Martyn South West UK
Mike Wales UK
Mike West Midlands UK
Martyn Yorkshire & Humber UK
Tina Alabama USA
Joel Alaska USA
Tina Arizona USA
Mike Arkansas USA
Joel California USA
Patti Colorado USA
Jakkie Connecticut USA
Mike Delaware USA
Patti District of Columbia USA
Alison C Florida USA
Kevin Georgia USA
Jakkie Hawaii USA
Tina Idaho USA
Jakkie Illinois USA
Jakkie Indiana USA
Tina Iowa USA
Tina Kansas USA
Jakkie Kentucky USA
Penny M Louisiana USA
Penny M Maine USA
Patti Maryland USA
Penny M Massachusetts USA
Alison C Michigan USA
Tina Minnesota USA
Alison C Mississippi USA
Jakkie Missouri USA
Penny M Montana USA
Joel Nebraska USA
Jakkie Nevada USA
Penny M New Hampshire USA
Penny New Jersey USA
Penny M New Mexico USA
Penny M New York USA
Alison North Carolina USA
Ali North Dakota USA
Martyn Ohio USA
Ali Oklahoma USA
Joel Oregon USA
Penny M Pennsylvania USA
Penny M Rhode Island USA
Alison South Carolina USA
Ali South Dakota USA
Joel Tennessee USA
Alison Texas USA
Jakkie Utah USA
Penny M Vermont USA
Alison Virginia USA
Joel Washington USA
Jakkie West Virginia USA
Jakkie Wisconsin USA
Jakkie Wyoming USA