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Click here for coronavirus guidance for moderators

The Moderator Manual provides the required guidelines as well as additional support information for all Freecycle group moderators

New Moderator Orientation

New to moderating? Need a refresher? Check out our New Moderator Orientation page

Getting Immediate Help

  • GOA contacts-There is a Group Outreach and Assistance volunteer for each state/province/region. Moderators can contact the appropriate volunteer for assistance.
  • Moderator Discussion Groups-Join an international discussion group to get in touch with other moderators. Feel free to ask or answer questions, offer suggestions, share with others what's going on in your region. All moderators welcome.
  • Other Contacts-List of all other necessary moderator contacts
  • Volunteering-For those who want to participate a bit more in the Freecycle movement, take a look here for ideas on how you can help.

Required Guidelines & Policies

Moderator Resources

Click here for a variety of resources for moderators, including useful links and how to get help.


In addition to the required file noted below, we've included a number of optional files for your potential use.

For More Information

Contact Us: Click here for FAQ queries.- Click here for all other queries.

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