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Well, we really needed your help and you gave it!

With the donations of literally thousands of Freecycle members, we were able to raise over $130,000 / £80,000 surpassing our $25k / £16,000 Fiscal Year-End fundraising goal by a five-fold margin!!!


We were faced with a particularly tight fiscal-year end this year needing to meet certain governmental donation minimums to remain a charity. Thanks to your generosity, we not only met this minimum goal, but surpassed to a degree that we will now be able to make a critical investment in to bring it up to the latest web standards. Look for some big changes in the coming six months to a year on as a result!

It’s only thanks to our nearly 9 million members and our over 7,000 volunteer moderators that we’re able to make such a large-scale community function -- thanks for making this unique web community possible. Currently over 34,000 items are gifted on every day. That’s the equivalent that a mid-sized landfill would receive! Here’s to one less landfill on the planet!

With much gratitude for the difference you’re making with your gift… and for your gifting!



Deron Beal, Executive Director, The Freecycle Network

[Your generous donations to The Freecycle Network are tax deductible as we are a nonprofit charitable organization.}