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All team members are all moderators on their own groups. Whatever team you are a part of, you may not use any special access or permissions on behalf of your own group beyond what a regular moderator would have. Your GOA will assist you with any team matters that require special permissions.


Group's role

The main role of the IMOD team is to keep headless groups running and recruit mods for the headless groups. Each IMOD team member is assigned between 40+ groups. The Interimmod ID is lead mod on each group, along with one other IMOD ID. IMODs should not be on teams other moderators except as requested by GOA for a moderator activity check.

IMOD groups tend to be larger than GOA Watch groups. However, there are still small, inactive groups that have not yet been transferred to GOA. When a mod is recruited for one of these groups, IMOD has the option of offering the applicant the option of self-training. When the mod is ready to be put on the group, the group is removed from Interimmod and the existing IMOD ID and added to IMODTrainer until the group is ready to promote. If a moderator of an IMODTrainer group abandons the group, it should be sent to GOA.

Interaction with GOA

  • The IMOD TL receives requests from GOA to vet potential moderators. The role of IMOD in the vetting process is to check the files for anything disqualifying and report back.
  • IMOD receives groups from GOA when the sole moderator(s) resigns or leaves the group.
  • IMOD sends small, inactive groups to GOA after unsuccessfully trying to recruit a local moderator.
  • IMOD enters groups on a momentary basis on GOA's request to perform a moderator activity check.
  • When IMOD receives a moderator application, the application is sent to GOA to vet the applicant and send to Mentor Mods for training. The group stays on the Interimmod ID until GOA informs IMOD that the applicant has finished training, at which point the group is turned over to GOA.

Interaction with NGA

  • The IMOD TL receives requests from NGA to vet potential moderators. The role of IMOD in the vetting process is to check the files for anything disqualifying and report back.
  • IMOD will occasionally check with NGA and GOA to confirm an applicant's eligibility to moderate a particular group. The ultimate decision in these cases is the GOA's.

Interaction with Members

The IMOD TL regularly responds to member inquiries and moderator applicants.

Interaction with other Moderators

IMOD does not react with other moderators. Any issues involving other moderators are referred to GOA.

Interaction with Info Team

IMOD TL refers members with more difficult issues to the Info Team. IMOD also reports suspected spam and scams to Spam Control.

Interaction with Mentor Mods

IMOD does not generally interact directly with Mentor Mods. GOA should inform IMOD if a mod drops out of training.

Interaction with Hub

IMOD is represented on the Hub by the Hub Coordinator.


MM team members may be on local groups using addresses only. Mentors may only join groups in their official capacity, and should leave groups in a timely manner. If a group has extended need for a mentor, GOA shall evaluate whether it would be better served by IMOD. They may not join or rejoin using a personal address after leaving as an official Mentor, and may not stay on groups if they are no longer a member of the Mentor Mods team. GOAs should ensure they note the reason for a Mentor Mod being on a group in Group Admin.

Freecycle Mentors join the group and teach the owner or moderators about using MyFreecycle and/or Yahoo groups. They also teach them about Freecycle including the many resources available to them. Many times they walk them through how to do things. Mentors are the moderator’s ally. Situations where Mentor Mods are asked to join a group: New groups Help recruiting and training new moderators Groups struggling with problems Coverage for temporary leave Group owner wishes to resign, but doesn't need to leave immediately and can help with recruiting new mods If group owner must leave immediately, refer to IMOD team [1] Who can refer a group to the Mentor Mods and how is a referral made[edit]

The owner or mod can ask for a mentor for themselves The owner can ask the GOA to refer them to the Mentor Mod Team On new groups the NGA can ask for a mentor

All referrals are made directly to the Mentor Mod Team via email at:

Mentor Mods join with limited mod privileges, if additional privileges are needed the GOA must specify this in the email.

Who updates the database for a group that has a MM involved?[edit]

The GOA updates Group Admin nd Mentors update their own database: when they request a Mentor Mod when they receive an email that a MM has joined or left a group

MM’s do not have access to Group Admin, the Freecycle database – only the one on the MM group.

How often do the MMs or the MM team leader liaise with the GOA about the MM involvement with a group?[edit]

When a GOA sends a request then it is posted to the MM board for one of them to accept it. Then when one does, they write to the group owner announcing themselves and cc’ing the referrer. Unless the GOA requests updates a MM will only CC the GOA when joining and leaving a group or if there are any problems.


group guidance and direction

GOAs should not be on any local groups (MyF or YG) except when it is a Watch Group (i.e. is turned over to them by IMOD watch, GOA TL, Outreach Coordinator, HUB Coordinator, or Deron) or it is a group with a newly trained LM. They may only be on these groups using the GOA official email address only and not a personal address. In this capacity, they may approve messages (often because it was flagged with a hot word), respond to emails, and remove spam.

Support Team

There are several members of the Info Team.

The Support Coordinator has a wide variety of responsibilities, including helping to co-ordinate spam/scam complaints and technical inquiries from moderators and members. The person in this role is the 'official mouthpiece' of Freecycle on the FIOD discussion group and provides regular (weekly) reports to members.

SiteModHelp helps troubleshoot technical problems on groups. Where a volunteer needs to enter a group to troubleshoot an issue in this capacity, permission is sought from the state/regional GOA first.

The Support team assists members with their inquiries and forwards emails to the regional/state GOA. This volunteer is not expected to need to join any local groups.

NGA Team

NGAs are responsible for new applications for groups and will work with GOA to establish whether a new group is required and to set up the group. They use their NGA email addresses to email potential mods and other team members. NGAs use their personal IDs in GA like the GOAs do. Once the group is fully established and a local moderator or member of the IMOD team are on the group, this volunteer should leave the group.

NGA Team [edit]

New groups Splits Boundaries Name Changes

MRA Team



Programmers--Steev manages the site, and sometimes joina local groups to troubleshoot technical problems. It is unusual for them to be on a group for longer than 24 hours.

Executive Director

Should the situation arise for TL's/Coordinators to contact Deron directly, please do the following:

  • Please spend some thought composing your email. Leave extraneous details out.
  • Include all relevant background material in your email.
  • CC the Hub Coordinator