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For inquiries please contact our info team

When contacting us, please make sure to provide the full name of the Freecycle group (website address is best) and the State/Province/Country to which you are referring.

The Freecycle Network™
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Tucson, AZ 85702


Media Intro and Tips

Thank you for your interest in The Freecycle Network™. Freecycle has been a hot topic in the media and we truly appreciate the attention as it certainly accounts for a large portion of our tremendous growth.

Our success depends on your inspiration. So, please try your darnedest in your piece to be clear about what The Freecycle Network is and what it isn't.

For example: Freecycle is *not* a place to just go get free stuff for nothing. Freecycle is a place to give or receive what you have and don't need or what you need and don't have -- a free cycle of giving which keeps stuff out of landfills.

That perspective makes all the difference and we have seen a huge difference in the attitudes and participation from new members depending on how The Freecycle Network is portrayed in media pieces, which often result in significant membership spikes for local groups. We are only as good as the sum of our parts so we want to attract good parts, right?

Please use the word Freecycle as an adjective (Freecycle group, etc.) and never as a noun or verb, or morphed into another word (freecycler, freecycling, freecycle the couch, etc. are no-nos). FREECYCLE and are trademark-protected terms. The logo is a trademark of The Freecycle Network in the United States and/or other countries. Click here for information on how to use the name and logo correctly.

We are a big grassroots movement but a tiny little nonprofit organization with a full-time staff of two, so defending our trademark takes many hands and hearts.

Thank you for your time and support!


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Selected Quotes

Freecycle can educate the world at a local level about how critical recycling and reducing waste are. It empowers people on a grassroots and local level to take charge and make the world a better place, keeping countless tons of reusable items out of local landfills. It is a cycle of giving, not charity. Everyone gives to everyone with absolutely no expectations of anything at all in return.

“ I gave a loveseat to a lady who had nothing. Her husband had walked out on her and her children, and they were starting over from scratch.
She was so thankful she cried - over a loveseat I would have probably thrown away.” —Louisville, KY
“ My Daughters' stolen bicycles were replaced in time for Christmas!”
   — mom of five, Austin, Texas 
“ A truckload of diapers, clothes and supplies was collected through Freecycle for an orphanage in Haiti. FedEx donated the shipping!”
   —San Jose, CA 
“ At a local Freecycle 'Hurricane Help Project' event, hundreds of local community members helped victims of the latest hurricane with free furniture and building supplies.”
   —Melbourne, FL