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Click here for detailed instructions on posting via My.Freecycle

Posting on a Yahoo group

  • From your group's Yahoo page, click "New Topic" or send an email to the group at the address provided to you when you joined.
  • The subject line should follow this format:
OFFER: Brief description (Location)
WANTED: Brief description (Location)
  • Provide details in the message body and then click "Send"

Responding to a post on a Yahoo group

  • Check the board for a Taken or Received message to make sure the post is still open.
  • Send a private email to the person who made the post. Do not post a reply to the group.

Sending a Taken or Received message to a Yahoo group

  • Use the following format. The subject line should be the same as the original post with the word TAKEN or RECEIVED substituted for OFFER or WANTED.
TAKEN: Brief description (Location)
RECEIVED: Brief description (Location)