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This is a list of major new features specified in Modtools3.0. This list is subject to revision.

Responsive design

Modtools will work well on a mobile device.


There are now two types of moderated members: problem members and new members.

Member search

  • Search and sort by modded status
  • Wildcard searches (if not too big a drain on system resources)

Member profile

All the information on a member shows up here, including:

  • Town memberships
  • Member's posts (open, pending or closed) for all groups, with Manage Post options
  • Rejected posts include rejection reason
  • Moderators can make notes about a member
  • As before, moderators can message member, moderate member, change email prefs, or remove from group


Pending posts

  • Moderator notes for the member
  • Reason post is in moderation (i.e., new member moderation, hotword)
  • New option for Approve post: Edit, send a note & approve
  • New option for Reject post: Reject, send a note & moderate member

Post search

  • New post status options: Pending, Approved, Rejected, Deleted, and Live (with date range)
  • Default is searching all groups
  • Wildcard searches (if not too big a drain on system resources)

Town settings


  • Mods can specify the time period for automatically unmodding new members.
  • There is a reset button for settings and notices (reverts back to default set)

Town activity

  • Mod activity includes fields for type of post and post title
  • Uses local time rather than UTC

Town notices

Files and admins are now combined into one category called Notices. Functionality is same as Files in the current modtools, with these changes:

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Automatic addition of Attribution Statement to Notices/Emails
  • No more farewell files


  • Bulk add/delete hotwords
  • Hotwords work for more post fields
  • Ability to test a hotword
  • Limit on number of hotwords

Special note about Friends Circles

Friends Circles are completely unmoderated. Moderators have no responsibility for anything that happens in Friends Circles, nor do moderators have any control over any aspect of Friends Circles. Friends Circle complaints will go to a new central mailbox.