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These directions are for use with Outlook 2000. They have been written to allow you to add your mail account to your email program once your mail account has been created/moved to the "" server.   

  • Start up Outlook 2000 and click the "Tools" entry on the menu bar. From the menu that drops down, select "Accounts".

Outlook2000 step1.jpg

  • In the dialogue box that appears, click the button marked "Add" and select "Mail..." from the mini-menu that appears.

Outlook2000 step2.jpg

  • The "Internet Connection Wizard" will now appear. Whatever you enter under "Display name" will appear on emails you send alongside your email address in the "From" field.

Outlook2000 step3.jpg

  • In the E-mail address" box, type your Freecycle email address (it will be in the format of

Outlook2000 step4.jpg

  • Where it says "My incoming mail server is a", click the small arrow to drop down a list and choose IMAP. In the "Incoming mail server" field, enter and enter the same under "Outgoing mail server". Then click Next

Outlook2000 step5.jpg

  • Under "account name" type your email address (again in the format and add your password to the "Password" box.

Outlook2000 step6.jpg

  • If you need to, choose your method of connecting to the internet and click "Next"


Outlook2000 step7.jpg

  • Now click "Finish" - although we're not finished yet.

Outlook2000 step8.jpg

  • You will see a list of accounts. You may have more than one if you already use other emails services in Outlook 2000. Click on the one marked and then click on the "Properties" button.

Outlook2000 step9.jpg

  • In the panel that appears, check that the box marked "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing" is ticked otherwise Outlook won't check for new Freecycle emails. Then click the tab marked "Servers".

Outlook2000 step10.jpg

  • The details should be just as you entered them, but also make sure that below the heading "Outgoing Mail Server" you have a tick in the box marked "My server requires authentication". When you've done that, click the tab marked "Advanced".

Outlook2000 step11.jpg

  • In the box labelled "Outgoing Mail (SMTP)" change the number to 587 and below that in the box marked "Incoming mail (IMAP)" change the value to 143. Then click the "OK" button.

Outlook2000 step12.jpg

And that's that. Outlook 2000 will now send and receive messages with your Freecycle email address.