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How to join My Freecycle

To Join My Freecycle (The global Freecycle site)

  1. Go to and click on sign up
  2. Fill in the username/email boxes, make sure you tick the terms of service box. Then click the 'Sign up' box.
  3. The next screen will appear, telling you your account has been created and to go check your email. Make sure you check the email address you specified when you joined.
  4. You will receive a mail with your username and a temporary password.
  5. Go back to the Freecycle page and click log in on the top right.
  6. Fill in username and temporary password and click log in
  7. The first page you see will prompt you to change your temporary password to a new one. Click Save new password.

To Join your local Group (Your little corner)

  1. Click the 'My Groups' Tab, type in the name of the group you wish to join. Click on 'Find Group'.
  2. When the groupname appears, click on 'Join this group' on the far right.
  3. If the group is set to approve new members you will not be automatically added until the Moderators approve you. Once you are added to the group, it will appear in the drop-down list under the 'My Groups' link at the top right.