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External links

Link with no text

This code produces a basic link to the example website: []. It creates a link that looks like this:


Link containing text

After pasting a link, hit the spacebar once and then type the text as you would like for it to appear in the link. [ The guide to adding a link] still takes you to, but it looks like this:

The guide to adding a link

Internal links

Linking to an internal wiki page

Notice the double brackets as opposed to the single brackets in the external link examples. [[Introduction]] now looks like this:


Internal links with different wording

If you want the link to contain text that is different from the page you are referencing (example: Maybe you don't want to say "Introduction" as it does not read well, but you DO want it to link to the Introduction page):

Welcome to our Freecycle wiki page. Let me [[Introduction|introduce]] myself, who we are and what we do! 

Your page will look like this when completed with the proper wiki lingo; the brackets AND the bar *|*. Notice this bar is NOT the capital letter *I* or lowercase *l*. The bar is normally found above the *\* bar.

Welcome to our Freecycle wiki page. Let me introduce myself, who we are and what we do! 

Link to a specific section of an internal wiki page

If you want to link to a specific section rather than an entire wiki page, this is the format you use: [[Introduction#Who_runs_it?|our wonderful volunteer moderators]]

This takes you to the section titled "Who runs it?" but it will look like this:

our wonderful volunteer moderators

If you feel you just can't remember all of the rules and guidelines, try taking a peek at the Cheatsheet