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In May 2016 Freecycle(R) ModSquads are being consolidated into two major groups, Tech Discussion Group/FIOD and Freecycle Leadership Community. These forums are open only to Freecycle moderators.

Tech Discussion Group/FIOD

Tech Discussion Group/FIOD -- is a discussion group for moderators having problems with MyFreecycle. There they can ask questions, make suggestions and search for past messages to see if they can find the answers to their questions.

If you are having a technical problem this is the first place to make it known or find out if others are having the same problem. Whenever you post on FIOD always include your Group name and Unique TFN Group ID number which are found on your Info and Options Page.

If you are not already a member of this group, send a join request to: Only mods on active MyF groups can join FIOD. Do NOT apply until you finish training and are promoted to Moderator.

Freecycle Leadership Community

Freecycle Leadership Community. FLC is a forum where moderators from around the world discuss issues with their groups, offer advice and opinions, and share fun stories from their own groups. Moderators come here for the latest news and updates about [

How to join a Modsquad

To join either group, go to the group's Yahoo page and click "Join this group." Please note the following:

  • Applications will be approved for personal email addresses only. The email address on the application must match the email address used on the local group.
  • Upon application, an auto sent file will be sent. If you do not receive this, please check your spam folder. Mods will need to respond to this auto-sent file by following the directions found in that email.
  • Approval will be within 2 weeks if the above criteria are met. If membership times out, please double check to make sure that the above guidelines have been followed.
  • In the future if you have to change your personal email address for any reason, be sure to notify your GOA. Otherwise you risk removal from leadership groups.
  • New moderators cannot apply to leadership groups until they have been promoted to Mod or Lead Mod. If mods have been working with Freecycle teams like IMOD or NGA, those teams must have already left the group.

International Freecycle Groups as of May 2016

Freecycle Leadership Community
Tech Discussion Group/FIOD
Pet Moderators

State, Regional and National Modsquad groups as of 1 May, 2013

Here's a listing of all National and Regional Freecycle(TM) Mod Squad groups. These forums are open only to actual Freecycle moderators who live and moderate in each of these regions as their members. If you'd like to see the basic requirements in establishing such groups click here

National Freecycle Mod Squads

[Australia] [Brazil] [Canada]
[France] [Germany] [Greece]
[Ireland] [Italy] [New Zealand]
[Romania] [South Africa] [United Kingdom]
[International / Other]

Canadian Province Freecycle Mod Squads

[British Columbia [Maritimes] [Ontario]
[Prairies] [Quebec]

U.K. Freecycle Mod Squads

East Midlands Scotland (inc. Orkneys & Hebrides)
East of England South East (inc. Channel Isles & Isle of Man)
London South West UK (inc. Scilly Isles)
North East Wales
North West West Midlands
Northern Ireland Yorkshire and Humber

U.S. State Freecycle Mod Squads

[Alabama] [Alaska] [Arizona]
[Arkansas] [California] [Colorado]
[Connecticut] Delaware [Florida]
[Georgia] [Hawaii] [Idaho]
[Illinois] [Indiana] [Iowa]
[Kansas] [Kentucky] [Louisiana]
[Maine] [Maryland] [Massachusetts]
[Michigan] [Minnesota] [Mississippi]
[Missouri] [Montana] [Nebraska]
[Nevada] [New Hampshire] [New Jersey]
[New Mexico] [New York] [North Carolina]
[North Dakota] [Ohio] [Oklahoma]
[Oregon] [Pennsylvania] Rhode Island
[South Carolina] [South Dakota] [Tennessee]
[Texas] [Utah] [Vermont]
[Virginia (by invite)] [Washington] [West Virginia]
[Wisconsin] [Wyoming]