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State, Regional and National Modsquad groups

Here's a current listing as of 1 May, 2013 of all National and Regional Freecycle(TM) Mod Squad groups. These forums are open only to actual Freecycle moderators who live and moderate in each of these regions as their members. If you'd like to see the basic requirements in establishing such groups click here

International Freecycle Groups

[Pet Moderators] [Planet Freecycle]

National Freecycle Mod Squads

[Australia] [Brazil] [Canada]
[France] [Germany] [Greece]
[Ireland] [Italy] [New Zealand]
[Romania] [South Africa] [United Kingdom]
[International / Other]

Canadian Province Freecycle Mod Squads

[British Columbia [Maritimes] [Ontario]
[Prairies] [Quebec]

U.K. Freecycle Mod Squads

East Midlands Scotland (inc. Orkneys & Hebrides)
East of England South East (inc. Channel Isles & Isle of Man)
London South West UK (inc. Scilly Isles)
North East Wales
North West West Midlands
Northern Ireland Yorkshire and Humber

U.S. State Freecycle Mod Squads

[Alabama] [Alaska] [Arizona]
[Arkansas] [California] [Colorado]
[Connecticut] Delaware [Florida]
[Georgia] [Hawaii] [Idaho]
[Illinois] [Indiana] [Iowa]
[Kansas] [Kentucky] [Louisiana]
[Maine] [Maryland] [Massachusetts]
[Michigan] [Minnesota] [Mississippi]
[Missouri] [Montana] [Nebraska]
[Nevada] [New Hampshire] [New Jersey]
[New Mexico] [New York] [North Carolina]
[North Dakota] [Ohio] [Oklahoma]
[Oregon] [Pennsylvania] Rhode Island
[South Carolina] [South Dakota] [Tennessee]
[Texas] [Utah] [Vermont]
[Virginia (by invite)] [Washington] [West Virginia]
[Wisconsin] [Wyoming]