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===Facebook signups/logins===
===Facebook signups/logins===
* Signing up or logging in with Facebook no longer works. This will be fixed in FC3.0.
* Signing up or logging in with Facebook no longer works. This will be fixed in FC3.0.
* Website displaying in an unexpected language
==ModTools issues==
==ModTools issues==

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User issues

Facebook signups/logins

  • Signing up or logging in with Facebook no longer works. This will be fixed in FC3.0.

ModTools issues


Some admins cannot be deleted or expired. Attempting to access the Admin gives the error message "There was a problem while trying to serve this page. The site administrators have been informed that an error has occurred, and will try to fix it as soon as possible. Please try again later." Suggested workaround is to wait until FC3.0 is up and running. If deleting the Admin can't wait, follow the steps outlined in the Mod Manual and report the issue with an explanation of why it is urgent to remove the Admin.

File sending

There are multiple known issues with Freecycle.org files.

  • The option of sending files to all members of a group has been removed from the modtools menu. Suggested workaround is to send an Admin.

There are sporadic reports of problems with the following:

  • File sending from the member menu.
  • File sending when rejecting a post. Workaround: copy file text and paste into reject message.
  • Automatic files not going out upon joining or leaving.

The cause of the problem may be certain special characters. For best results use plain text files, avoid special characters like ® and test your file before you send it out.

Automatic sending

An error message is generated if you try to schedule for automatic sending a file that begins with a numbered list, like the Guidelines and Disclaimer file. A workaround is to insert a line of text above the numbered list, as in this example, which uses a line of dashes:



Invitations to join a group

Invitations are not going out to people who are not yet members of Freecycle. The only workaround is to send emails from mod email accounts.

Sorting membership lists

For groups above 10,000 members member sort doesn't work. What this means is if your group approves new members and is over 10,000 members, you will not be able to sort your member list to unmoderate new members. You will have to do a full group unmod periodically.