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have it... we can take it.
have it... we can take it.
==[[Moderator_Manual:Notices Monthly Mystery|Monthly Mystery Room]]==
==Monthly Mystery Room==
Declutter your home, one room at a time, one month at a time!
Declutter your home, one room at a time, one month at a time!

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Promote Your Group Challenge!

Let your members help you build and promote your group

Hello Freecycle Members,

This months challenge is: Promoting Your Group.

Currently we have over xxx members and this month I challenge you all to see how many more people we can get to join in keeping good things out of landfills and helping out our community.

Tell your friends, boss, co-workers, family, neighbors, or even a stranger at the check out line about our amazing Freecycle(TM) Group and how they to can help our community and also helping others by parting with useable items that maybe someone else could use that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

If each of you got only 1 person to join it would make a huge difference in expanding our purpose and making our community a cleaner place.

Thanks for your support in our monthly challenges, it's members like you that make this group what it is today. (Courtesy of, Shannon, LSFreecycle, Mo.)

Craft and Hobby Challenge

See what you have lying around from your crafts and hobbies that you can share with someone else!

This month's challenge is....Craft and Hobby Month!

I know that our XXX Freecycle(R) Members have all sorts of talents and skills and hobbies. Now's the time to share them. See what you have lying around from your crafts and hobbies that you can share with someone else!

For our crafters out there, do you have extra supplies? Extra scrapbooking material? A surplus of yarn or materials? Wood for woodburning projects?

People who enjoy hobbies, do you have extra things lying around? Books about your hobby? Stamp collecting kits? Models?

Be creative! What are your hobbies? What do you do make? Look around and see what you have that may make someone else interested in YOUR hobby or craft! You never know what might spark someone's interest. I'd like to see some interesting items!

Have fun and as always, thanks for choosing XXX Freecycle!

Back to School Challenges

YES, summer is over and the kids go back to school...

Hello XXX Freecycle(TM)!

Here we are sitting smack dab in the middle of summer and shortly down the road lies the harsh reality that, YES, summer is over and the kids go back to school. I can hear most of you parents screaming a victorious and collective "YES" amidst the multitude of groans from the youngsters who are returning for another year.

I have a great idea to make the transition easy for everyone, parents and kids alike! Let's all go through our homes and find those clothes/jackets/shoes that don't fit quite like they used to (from all family members), backpacks and/or book bags that are collecting dust, extra office/school supplies taking up needed space, Autumn sports equipment no longer in use, and fall home/garden items that are no longer needed and *POST* them on XXX Freecycle!

You never know what you will find that is no longer in use or required until you look... your items maybe exactly what someone else is looking for! Let's help others while decluttering our homes, workshops or garages and freeing up more time to spend with those we hold near and dear.

Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to seeing what treasures you have found for the rest of the community to reuse and enjoy!

Back to School Month!

Freshmen are getting ready to go off to their first dorm room and the stuff you started out housekeeping with but recently replaced is just right for their needs. Go through the garage and the spare bedroom and see if you can find some dorm basics for a lucky freshman. Got small sets of shelving, microwaves, mini fridges, bulletin boards, clocks, radios, or computer components? Offer them to our future leaders!

Younger kids are getting ready to head back to elementary, middle, and high schools. Look around to see what you might have lying around. Got an old backpack, lunch box, packages of highlighters, an electric pencil sharpener? Have your children recently outgrown their uniforms, jeans, dress shoes, sneakers? Do you have ten million hair scrunchies? Declutter your home and give these items new life at the same time!

Remember to use your normal "Offer" heading in your posts, but if you want to mention in the body of your post that this is a special monthly challenge offer, feel free. But it's not required! Thank you!

Summer is over, the kids are back in school. Time to clean your closets!

What do you have to OFFER today??

Hi Everyone!

Summer is coming to an end, the kids are back in school and it's a good time to think about cleaning out another closet! The start of the holiday season is upon us yet again (it seems to get earlier and earlier every year, doesn't it?) and I know a lot of us probably have a TON of holiday themed junk we'd love to get rid of!

Here's a few ideas of things you may have lying around waiting for a new home:

-Halloween Items: Cauldron's, window decorations, spider webs, old costumes, costumes the kids have outgrown, wigs, party favors, Halloween CD's, black lights, masks, party favors, paper plates and cups w/Halloween theme, fabric and other crafting supplies.

-Thanksgiving Decor: Turkey platters and cooking pots/pans, serving dishes, fall themed items such as ornamental leaves, tablecloths and other serving items.

-Chanukah (Hanukkah), Christmas, Kwanza, New Year's Items: Winter themed decor, window decorations, African decor and fabrics, table cloths, artificial Christmas trees, Menorahs, scented candles, stockings, lawn ornaments, games, stocking stuffer knickknacks, party favors, wine glasses, confetti streamers... you get the idea!

Thanks again for making the XXX Freecycle(TM) such a great group, and remember to keep it FREE, legal and appropriate for all ages!

Thanks and have a great day!

Re-launch of the “Return to School” Freecycle challenge and promotion

Hello XXX Freecycle(TM) Members!

This month is the re-launch of the “Return to School” Freecycle challenge and promotion.

This is a two fold challenge and promotional ability – of which you can choose to do both or just one.

Have fun. Enjoy – and remember, it’s all for the kids!!!

A. Member Challenge:

Do you have one of those kids who insists on new things every school year?

Is it just “time” to do the out with the old and in with the new?

What do you do with the old, slightly worn but not garbage items?

1) Tell your child that before the official school shop they must complete the following:

Clean their room properly.

Find all their old pens, pencils, pencil crayons, markers, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, tape, paper clips, post it notes, liquid paper, glue sticks, etc. and gather them into one box.

Find all their binders, duotangs, folders, report covers, text books, notepads, ruled paper and plain paper into one box.

Find all their construction paper, craft supplies, paints, glitter glue, pipe cleaners, felt, pompoms, and any other craft supplies into one box.

Okay, you now have 3 boxes to sort through with your child and you make a “Keep It Box” and a Freecycle box.

2) Next you review all the old reader books in your child's room.

What have they outgrown that a younger child would love to read during this next school year?

Make another new Freecycle box.

3) Review your current dictionary, encyclopedias, thesaurus and reference manuals.

Are they ones you use?

Does your child do everything online and these never get touched? Pass them on.

Make another Freecycle box.

4) Next – fling open the closet doors.

What clothes will he/she not wear anymore?

What have they outgrown?

What’s not “cool” anymore (like we all care – not)?

Make another Freecycle box.

5) Next – visit the computer desk (if they have one…)

What programs do they not run anymore?

What programs have they aged out of?

Time for newer more advanced ones…..?

Put the in the Freecycle box with the dictionaries, etc.

6) Proceed onward to the kitchen... and no not to eat!! Maybe a drink at this point though.

Where are the lunch bags, lunch boxes, snack boxes, juice containers, etc.?

If you don’t know – ask Mom!!!!!!!! She ought to know.

Are they going to use the same lunch kit?

No, put it in any of the Freecycle boxes.

Containers getting worn – put it in the box.

7) Onward to the hall closet – or wherever they hid last years knap sack, back pack, carry all.

Will they use the same one this year?

If yes, put it away.

If no, put it in the misc school supplies Freecycle Box.

8) Last but certainly not the least – visit the garage or wherever they throw the old sports equipment.

When did they use that soccer ball last?

Or the old mitt that doesn’t fit them anymore?

Soccer cleats that they’ve outgrown?

Ballet slippers that are now just sitting.

Find all the “not being used anymore” sports equipment and uniforms and put them in a box!!

The end result:

A box of school supplies misc

A box of children’s / teen’s books

A box of reference materials and computer supplies.

A box of clothes.

A box of sporting goods.


And what do you now have – ROOM!!!

PS: Don’t forget that there are also college kids who will be looking for all the essential basics – plates, cutlery, cutting knives, small desks, desk chairs, small dressers, small bookcases, bed sheets, towels, desk lamps, posters. So if you are thinking it is time to get a new set of cutlery, please do – and post up the old uneven set of unmatching stuff cause they will really need them!!

School District Promotion Challenge

We know how awesome you all are and how generous you all can be, but here’s the next piece of the puzzle.

We really want to get School District # XXX aware of Freecycle and what it can accomplish for all the teachers out there. Heck, our forums are a way for them to reach out and say, “I want to do this craft with the Grade 3s but I need 30 empty film canisters!!” What better way for them to get the help they need to accomplish goals with our children.

So, I am challenging everyone out there who is involved in their local school PAC/PTA/PTO to contact me within 48 hours. I will work specifically with one person from every school to help them with posters, handouts and information sheets for the school principal, teachers and ultimately the students.

Obviously the principle will need to be educated first… but once you have him or her enrolled into what the Freecycle Network can offer the teachers, then it will not be hard to enroll the teachers. Every teacher I have ever spoken to loves our network and what they can accomplish with it.

I am also challenging each school rep to become an advocate to talk to classrooms about Freecycle, or to have me invited to do so. Teaching the children about what can “also” be done with their parents “garbage” is the quickest way to influence the future for Mother Earth. I am available to visit schools in my school district anytime between XX and XX, Monday – Friday (Note - change as you need to obviously).

Come on parent – it’s time to Clean the Clutter, Get Creative, Get Feisty and Get those kids “Returning to School”!!

Have fun using The Freecycle Network.

Christmas Shopping Challenge

Well, it is that time of the year again. Halloween is over, dentists are happily taking appointments for orthodontic toffee removal, and Freecycle members everywhere can emerge from their homes safe from persecution by mini-ghosts and elves...only to be faced by the terror of pre-Christmas shopping crowds.

Anyway, we all would like to find a special something for someone equally special. Here are some ideas to keep in mind: Go through your closets and drawers for new or hardly used things you may have been given last year (or last decade!).

  • Like that pair of fuzzy tartan toe socks Great Aunt Tillie gave you which remain (mercifully) unworn.
  • Drag down from the loft those duplicate toasters, kettles & George Foreman mini grills garnered from your wedding loot collection.
  • What about that throw rug your fave catalog clubbie sent free with your last knickers/bedspread/fruit of the month order?

It's lovely but totally not your colors and too good for the cat.

Stick them on Freecycle - maybe someone else can enjoy them this year! When you do make Offers, please try NOT to do "fastest finger gets it" thing. There are many members not surgically attached to their computers or on 'Daily Digest', reading their email only once a day.

They won't get a chance to respond to your Offer if you automatically take the first reply. Unless you need to get rid of the item very quickly, try to give others a chance to respond first and chose the person you feel would best benefit from your item.

This way everyone gets to feel the thrill of getting something cool for free :) There are lots of ways you can choose to whom your item goes:

  • put all the names into a hat and choose one,
  • give it to the politest responder,
  • ask responders to send you a poem or joke, or
  • even write the most creative story they can think of!

Of course it is up to you who you choose but at least when possible try to give everyone a chance.

Please don't put Wanteds on the board asking specifically for Christmas or Birthday presents, especially not the latest and greatest toy crazes! Many people can't afford anything but the basics and Freecycle helps fill this gap by keeping otherwise useable items out of the landfill and getting them to those who genuinely need them.

However, not specifically mentioning Christmas or birthday presents in your Wanteds is a more tactful way to word your email.


Halloween Challenge

It's that time of year for Trick or Treaters of all ages. Lets all dig into our clutter/closets/attic/garage, and see if we can find some of the following items to post as Offers in our group for a seasonal Halloween Challenge!!

  • Old Sheets for our Little Ghost Trick or Treaters
  • Old Pillow Cases (make Great Candy Bags!)
  • Unused Halloween Decorations
  • Unused String Lights (Christmas Lights, etc.)
  • Unused Candles
  • Clean, Reusable "Clear" Plastic Milk Containers (for candles and sidewalk lighting)
  • Usable Shoe Polish
  • Old, Usable Clothes (for costumes)
  • Unused Wigs (Clean and Sanitary)
  • Hay, Straw, or Corn Stalks
  • Unused Black Garbage Bags
  • Decorative Bowls (that can be used for passing out candy)
  • And... any other Creative Items you can come up with!!!

Thanks so much for supporting our group, and our challenges! We appreciate your participation!

Have a Great Day and Have Fun on Freecycle!

Monthly decluttering challenge ideas

The OHIO Method

Try the OHIO method and the 10 Second Rule to move that stuff on out.

  • Only
  • Handle
  • It
  • Once.

If it's in your hands it goes to its final destination, not to an intermediate pile.

10 Second Test - Once an object is in your hands you have 10 seconds to answer the following:

  1. When was the last time you used it? Can't remember... get rid of it.
  2. Have you used it since the last time you gave it the 10 second test? If not, it's time it went.
  3. Does its value justify the space it takes up? Nope - then get rid of it
  4. Will you have a use for it in the next month? Again, if not, it needs to go.
  5. Why is it here? or What the heck is it? Don't know? it goes.

No matter how many questions, if you can't decide within 10 seconds if the object should stay, it's an automatic purge.

Now don't forget to keep safety in mind while hoeing out. It's not safe to run and play in a yard full of last season's sun toys. So a great way to make the needed space is to use this Freecycle(TM) list and find those items a new home for the sunny months.

And do not limit it to just table tops; think floor space. Maybe you should just get rid of that old chair instead of moving it? There's probably a Freecycle member who'll actually remove it for you.

There are members waiting in the wings to pick up your stuff. Let us have it... we can take it.

Monthly Mystery Room

Declutter your home, one room at a time, one month at a time!

(Note: This is the 'Monthly Mystery Room' that I do in my home group. It has been well received and we do see an increase of OFFERs from those particular areas during the second week of the month. Courtesy of Michelle K, Kingston Freecycle Group - adapted/edited accordingly for use)

Hello Members,

Each month has been assigned a room or area of your home. Now depending on what type of home you live in, you may not have all the areas mentioned. If not, choose another area that is in need of deep de-cluttering.

For the Month of XXX your mystery room is: (fill this in based on the list below)

Now look on your desk, in your drawers, on shelves, what is hiding under that pile over there? Check cabinets, bookcases, closets and anything that might be applicable to the room picked for the month. Keep this in mind while looking - 'If I don't use it, I don't need it'. This should be your mantra as you go digging through your unneeded items. Declutter your home and allow others to reap the benefits of your cleaner house.

The following locations can be used for different months of the year. Edit your post according to what you might find in each area. Be creative!

Jan - Master Bedroom Feb - Basement Mar - Bedroom Closets (clean out the old/never worn clothes) Apr - Living Room May - Kitchen June - Child(ren)'s bedroom July - Office (or computer area) Aug - Garage or shed (outside area) Sept - Storage room Oct - Dining Room Nov - Playroom (or just toy boxes) Dec - Closets (Linen/hallway)

Clean Up Your Clutter

Friendship and Sharing Day

Make someone's day happier with an item you no longer have a use for

Traveling Treasure Box

Find new homes for smaller items, foster community spirit on the box's journey, and make a friend or two along the way!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Seasonal ideas for generating offers throughout the year

More ideas on generating offers