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İki aşama vardır:

  1. My Freecycle Kimliği Almak
  2. Gruba Katılmak

Bir Freecycle.org kimliği nasıl alabilirim?

Eğer Freecycle.org'a daha önceden kaydolmadıysanız, lütfen kayıt formuna gidiniz ve ücretsiz olarak kendi hesabınızı oluşturunuz. http://my.freecycle.org/kaydolma


Eposta adresinize geçici bir şifre gönderilecektir. Şifreyi aldıktan sonra, http://my.freecycle.org'a kendi kullanıcı adınız ve geçici şifrenizle giriş yapınız. Şifrenizi, size epostada gönderildiği gibi doğru bir şekilde girdiğinize emin olunuz, çünkü karakterler küçük/büyük harflere duyarlıdır.

Giriş yaptıktan sonra, şifrenizi değiştirmeniz istenecektir. Onu değiştirdikten sonra, lütfen 'Yeni Şifreyi Kaydete tıklayınız. Sonraki girişinizde, lütfen yeni şifrenizi kullanınız.

How do I join the group?

From here, you will be redirected to a page that looks like this:


Find a group near you by typing in your location. If you would prefer to see all of the groups in your region, you can take a look here.

Once you choose which group you are most local to, you will have the option to "Go to group page" or "Join this group".

WHen you click on "Go to group page," the page will have listings of items people are offering, scroll to the bottom of the page (below all of the listings) and you will see the words "Join this group". Click on this message and you're done!

But be careful to check your emails to make sure you don't miss any emails from the group, particularly when you first join.

You should choose the Message Delivery option which is right for you, though you can change it later.

  • One for each post means you receive an email for each post. Some groups are quite busy, so you'll get a lot of emails every day. See tips for managing those emails here. Organizing Emails Note: You can still view posts on the Web, where they appear before they show up in email.
  • Email digest batches the mails up, which you may find more manageable. Some items go quickly and so will have gone by the time you see them in your digest.
  • None apart from ADMINs is for reading the posts on the Web, instead of email. The only email you'll receive will be occasional notices from the moderators.

What next?

Once you've applied, normally, you will receive instructions by email.

Please make sure you check your junk mail or spam folder, in case the emails you get back are put there by mistake.

Please read these carefully, as they contain important information about

  • how to get your membership approved (if your group does this)
  • how your group works. Some rules vary from group to group.

Once you've joined, you can also get more information in How To Use Freecycle.