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The determining factor is where the group is hosted.  If it is on the global My.Freecycle site, look no further!  Click [[Joining Via My Freecycle|here to join via My.Freecycle]].
Click here [[Joining Via My Freecycle|to find out how to join Freecycle.org.]]
For groups hosted on Yahoo, [[Joining By Email|please click here]].

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How do I find my local group?

There are several ways to find your local group.

  1. Find your group on the map
  2. You can browse US groups here
  3. You can browse UK groups here.
  4. You can browse all country listings here.

So first, find which group is local to you.

How do I join my local group?

Okay, now you know which group you want to join. How do you do it?

Click here to find out how to join Freecycle.org.