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[http://my.freecycle.org/ What is the link to all the Freecycle groups again?]=
[http://my.freecycle.org/ What is the link to all the Freecycle groups again?]=
== Yahoo Issues==
[[Do I have to join the My Freecycle website to be a member of the local Yahoo group?]]
[[I am viewing the Yahoogroups 'Mygroups' page, & the Freecycle group is not listed.]]
[[Do I need a Yahoo! email address to use Yahoo! Groups?]]
[[How can I remove / add Yahoogroup calendar events from my own personal Yahoo calendar?]]

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General Issues

What is "My Freecycle"

What is Group Overview?

Create an Account on My Freecycle

A visual guide to joining

Forgot Password - Or Freecycle I.D.

Change Password

My.Freecycle login

I have an item I no longer need, how do I give an item to a Freecycle member?

I am looking for something. How do I ask the group?

How do I find a group to join?

How do I leave a group?

How much in weight/volume does Freecycle save the planet?

Does Freecycle cost ? Is there a fee?

How old do you have to be to join Freecycle?

I applied for a Freecycle membership a few weeks ago. I have not heard a reply.

Why do some groups have to approve new members?

How do I start a Freecycle group?

Are offers or wanteds for pets allowed on Freecycle?

What do we do on the café?

What is the link to all the Freecycle groups again?=