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Thanks to all the people who've contributed to different versions of this FAQ:

Person Group Country
Susan Anderson Wellingborough Freecycle UK
Joanne Aspinall Bolton Freecycle UK
Anna Beria Bath Freecycle UK
Colin Berry Saddleworth Freecycle UK
Jenny Bunn Freecycle Portsmouth UK
Shirley Drabble Dartford UK Freecycle UK
Louise H Fenland Freecycle UK
Michael Hargreave Mawson Bedford Freecycle UK
Edward Hibbert Edinburgh Freecycle UK
Janice Hickman Dudley UK Freecycle UK
Jacqui Houlding Warrington Freecycle UK
Roger Houghton Bath Freecycle UK
Maud Jamieson Northampton West Freecycle UK
Jacqui L Bedford Freecycle UK
Neil Morris Northampton North and Central Freecycle UK
Nigel Mundy Eastbourne Freecycle UK
Esther Reeves Coventry Freecycle UK
Gordon Stewart Auckland Freecycle Australia
Ems Wallman Daventry Freecycle UK
Richard Wallman Birmingham Freecycle UK
Ben Waymark Bideford Freecycle UK
Ben Weaver York Freecycle UK
Em Wright Newcastle ('toon') Freecycle UK

If you're a moderator of a UK Freecycle group, then please help improve this site. You can login using your MyFreecycle ID and Password, and after you can then even add yourself to this list and get your 15ms of fame.