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The Freecycle Café is a place where Freecycle members can chat about all things Freecycle, offer up local resources and make new friends of a similar mindset: keeping our landfills free of usable items and building a worldwide movement of sharing. If you have something you don't need anymore and want to gift it to a new owner, post it on the Freecycle ™ list, not the café board.

  1. Share local info that others would be interested in (events, nonprofit thrift stores, etc). Here, we can get to know each other! Friendly chitchat is welcome!
  2. Ask a question ("where can I find___?" or "how do I___?"). No one would know better than those who live here!
  3. Ask for help. Low on funds but need help with something? Maybe one of your neighbors can lend a hand. Nonprofits can look for volunteers here, too!
  4. Offer services. Want to volunteer your services for a needy cause or a worthwhile fellow member? This is the place!
  5. When posting here, please remember to be considerate "clean", and skip the politics religion.
  6. Please keep in mind that this is not a buy and sell site, no selling or asking to buy please. Keep it all free please!
  7. No advertising of services unless you plan on offering your services for free!
  8. Please no posting or linking of message board groups such as Yahoo! Groups, Google Groups and etc., please submit the link to the moderators for review and permission first. NO SPAM!
  9. Remember, these folks are your neighbors! Thanks!