When Members Solicit Sales in Response to a WANTED Post

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ADMIN Notices - When Members Solicit Sales in Response to a WANTED Post

Soliciting sales is not permitted on Freecycle(R) lists. This ADMIN is provided to address the group as a whole when members are attempting to solicit sales from other members who have requested items as a WANTED on local groups.

Replace all XXX references with your local group name

Example #1- Soliciting Sales

ADMIN: Offering to sell items to other members

It has come to our attention that some individuals are soliciting Freecycle group members regarding their WANTED posts and offering to sell them items they've requested.

We would like to kindly remind everyone that this is strictly forbidden on any Freecycle group. Our goal is to recycle and have everything for FREE, with no strings attached.

People join *this* group, because they are not interested in paying for items.

We hope that this is simply an oversight missed in the Rules and Etiquette letter sent out upon joining this group.

From this point forward, if we receive any messages from a member referencing an offer to sell an item that has been requested, we will have no choice but to remove the offending member from the group.

Thank you all for your cooperation in keeping Freecycle 100% FREE!

Your XXX Freecycle Moderators