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  1. Immodium -- The guidelines say no "medications (of any kind, including over-the-counter supplements, vitamins, etc.)" so Immodium would have to be rejected. We also don't allow prescription medical equipment. Here's a link to the Guidelines and Disclaimer
  2. Guppies -- This is strictly a local choice. The guideline on animals says, " NO POSTS ABOUT ANIMALS FOR BREEDING OR FOOD PURPOSES. Beyond this, some groups do allow non-breeding-related posts to find new homes for pets, but ask that it be kept legal and lovingly careful. Other groups prefer not to allow pet postings." So this is something that you can decide for your group. If you decide to allow fish, you might figure out where to draw the line. (Turtles? Hermit crabs?) The Mod Manual contains useful information for groups that allow pets.
  3. Drop-side crib, excellent condition -- Because of safety and liability concerns, some moderators (especially in the U.S.) prefer not to allow posts for these items. Other moderators allow these items after editing the post to include a statement advising members to check the latest consumer safety data before using these products. After all, a drop-side crib may be too dangerous to use for an infant, but it could be cleverly repurposed into something useful.
  4. Infant car seat -- Moderator choice again. For Offer posts, it's reasonable to ask for the model number and expiration date. For Wanted posts, consider adding a note, such as [Note from the moderator: Please don't offer an expired or recalled car seat.]
  5. Expired instant ramen -- Some moderators take a firm stance against expired food, but a light touch is better whenever possible.
  6. Mikes Hard Lemonade -- Reject. This is an alcoholic beverage. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
  7. Wanted: Clothing, any gender or size -- There's really no reason to reject such a post, although some moderators will consider it too broad.
  8. Wine glasses -- Accept. Wine glasses don't come with any age restrictions.
  9. Desperate for baby boy clothes -- We're not crazy about the personal details in the post, but mods are encouraged not to be too restrictive unless the post is over-the-top.