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This training module has been superseded. Please click here for the current moderator orientation guide

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer moderator and welcome to training. We find that it is helpful for even seasoned mods to go through and learn more details about how the site works. You are welcome to do this training at your convenience. Some people find it easier to train in bite sized pieces, over several days. You can follow the lesson links below, or feel free to read all the way through.

Each lesson includes an assignment of several questions for you to answer. Please send your answers to your assigned moderator trainer. Enjoy your training and be sure to contact your trainer if you have any questions.

Please note: If you are working on a group where the Lead Mod is a email address, you will be able to make decisions for group policy after the Lead Mod has left. Groups with moderators are run with simple guidelines of only Free, Legal, and Appropriate for all Ages. If you have been referred by a local mod to join an existing team, it would be wise to check with that local mod team to see what policies have been set.