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Please address all email to

Name IMod #
Mark IMOD01
Mark IMOD02
cooperatively modded IMOD03
Temporary holding for groups sent by GOA IMOD04
Melissa IMOD05
Frank IMOD07
Carole (cooperatively modded) IMOD08
David IMOD08b
cooperatively modded IMOD08c
Tom IMOD08d
cooperatively modded IMOD08e
cooperatively modded IMOD08h
Joe IMOD08i
Mark IMOD08j
cooperatively modded IMOD08k
Frank IMOD08m
Joe IMOD08n
Fiona IMOD09
Tony IMOD10
Wanda IMOD15
Richard IMOD17
Joe IMOD20
Alec IMODwatch
Becky, Sue, Miriam Interimmod

The individual IMOD mailboxes forward into Interimmod. Becky deals with most member issues, Sue deals with most internal issues and Miriam processes moderator applications.
Note: IMOD IDs not listed above have no groups assigned.