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This page is incomplete, somewhat out of date and isn't linked anywhere in the wiki

Local Group Situations

Setting Up a New Group

  1. Member applies to start a new group via
  2. The New Group Approvers (NGA) team assesses group for overlap with existing groups and viability. Area covered by new group must have a population at least 10,000. If conditions are favorable:
  3. NGA sends application to GOA to vet applicant
  4. NGA sets up new group
  5. NGA announces new group, orients new mod

Suitable group already exists

  1. NGA vets applicant, sends for vetting with IMOD and GOA

Existing Groups Without A Lead Moderator

  1. GOAs refer groups without moderators (>400 members) to Interim Moderators (IMOD)
  2. IMOD approves and rejects posts according to Guidelines and Disclaimer. While IMOD is on the group, all member inquiries are auto-referred to the FAQ. Members with tech issues are referred to the Info Team. Issues with neighboring groups are referred to GOA.
  3. MM trains the new mod on the playground
  4. Once LM is trained, group is promoted and all teams leave the group.

Inactive Groups

Groups with little to no activity and no moderators are watched by GOA until a mod is recruited.

Temporary Absence of Lead Moderator

IMODs provide temporary coverage of group on request of GOA

Groups with a Lead Moderator

Groups with Lead Mods operate autonomously as long as they follow the basic guidelines of moderating. GOA may be called in to mediate when there is discord in a group or if the group has a history of overly restrictive moderating.

  • GOA may ask IMOD to do a moderator activity check when there are reports of moderator inattention

Team Roles

Role of NGA

  • Set up new groups on request of members
  • Give input on boundaries when asked

Role of IMOD

  • Recruit new moderators for existing groups with no moderators
  • Approve and reject posts for groups without moderators according to Guidelines and Disclaimer.

Role of GOA

  • Provides moderators with assistance on a wide variety of issues
  • Acts as LM on very small groups without lead moderators (approving/rejecting posts, answering member inquiries)
  • Guides new moderators through orientation
  • Documents group history
  • Vets potential moderators and leadership team members
  • Provides guidance to groups needing clarification of's expectations of moderators

Role of the Info Team

Moderator support

  • Provides assistance to moderators with tech problems ( Questions may come directly from moderators or be referred by GOA. Replicates system issues and files BTs as needed
  • Monitors FIOD and addresses moderator tech issues on the board. Replicates system issues and files BTs as needed

support team

  • Provides assistance to members with tech problems and other inquiries regarding Questions may come directly from members or be referred by IMOD, GOA or mods of local groups. Replicates system issues and files BTs as needed.
  • FAQ team answers questions from the public
  • Help teams deals with special situations and routes complaints about groups to the appropriate GOAs
  • Volunteers handle inquiries from mods who want to volunteer for teams and routes inquiries to the appropriate team

Wiki support

  • Works with all teams to provides wiki support as needed for the Mod Manual, team procedures, member FAQs, and New Moderator Orientation.
  • Maintains the worldwide map
  • Oversees maintenance of team directories for all teams

Community outreach

  • Social media -- Oversees's Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Public relations
  • Newswire


Spam Control

Role of the Hub

All major decisions for The Freecycle Network are made collaboratively by the Hub Global Leadership Team, in consultation with team leaders, moderators and members.