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ADMIN Notices - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Example #1 - The 3 R's - Everyone Can Offer Up Something

Hello Fellow Freecycle (R) Members,

Here's an introduction of The 3 R's Principle:

  • Reduce - Reduce the amount of rubbish (trash) you create.
  • Reuse - Reuse items such as carrier bags, lunch boxes etc.
  • Recycle - Go to your local recycling site.

Reducing waste saves both materials and energy, and removes the need and expense of disposal. You can reduce waste by not buying disposable items, choosing items with less packaging, refusing unnecessary shopping bags, and stopping junk mail.

Reusing reduces the need to buy new items which saves resources.

Recycling saves valuable raw materials. Check your local area for recycling programs and locations around town for drop-off of recyclable materials such as plastics, newspapers and cardboard.

Anyone who eats, wears clothes or reads, can offer stuff that would otherwise end up in the landfill, or else can be processed for recycling. Remember, the last of the 3 R's is reuse ;)

We have had WANTED and/or OFFERs for the following items listed on Freecycle groups. Please think before throwing out something. Maybe offering it on the list is a last chance to save it before it ends up in the landfill:

  • Old holey socks/ mismatched socks (used to make pillows for the humane society)
  • Old panty hose with runs in them - crafts
  • Material in large or small pieces - crafts/ sewing projects
  • Plastic yogurt/margarine and larger ice cream or dog bone containers
  • Glass jars from store bought pickles
  • Film Canisters - great for quarters to go to the laundry mat and to hold beads and other small craft stuff
  • Old calendars/ catalogues - for pictures for use by preschoolers to practice their cutting abilities on or classroom projects
  • Grocery bags - for pet rescue/ pet obedience school and portable poop scoops!
  • Used bubble envelopes, packing popcorn, frozen food boxes and larger moving boxes - for those who are pen pals or who do shipping
  • Magazines and books
  • Broken dishes/ pottery, etc. to be used in mosaics
  • Used mismatched cutlery - for art and for work lunch rooms, shelters, drop ins
  • Plastic pop bottles or Styrofoam take out containers - for winter sowing of seeds and containers for growing
  • Used plastic pots/Styrofoam flats used for plants
  • The plastic off a new mattress
  • Take out soy sauce, ketchup packets, etc.- great for school lunches and picnics
  • Moving boxes and packing paper (neighborhood favorite)
  • Sod/ rocks / plants/ seeds/ bricks
  • Landscape material/ renovation leftovers
  • Broken appliances that people can either fix themselves or can salvage the scrap metal from
  • Plastic containers from laundry and dishwashing detergents
  • Old towels, blankets and bedding for use in animal shelters

All these items can be salvaged and reused for one thing or another. Let's all pitch in and save the landfills from unnecessary wasted space for items that can be utilized for alternate uses they were intended for. Everyone has something to offer!

Your XXX Freecycle Moderators

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(Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is courtesy of, Jenn, Kanata Freecycle Co-Moderator - adapted/edited accordingly for use)