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Hello Friends,
Let's all get together this week to celebrate Buy Nothing Day in
the true spirit of Freecycle.

It's become a culture pastime to spend the day after
Thanksgiving in a wild shopping spree. It can be the epitome of
excessive spending and wasteful consumption.

So, instead of following frenzied hordes to malls, to buy, buy, buy
(mostly stuff that nobody needs), stay home and find perfectly
fine items you already have that can be used as gifts. Then make
an OFFER for them on the list. The Freecycle member receiving
your item could use this nice, recycled item to give as a holiday

So, fight over consumption and loaded landfills by searching
under the beds, the back of closets and anywhere else you store
items you buy or receive as gifts, and end up really not wanting.

Some of these items may still be wrapped, others may be
unwrapped but in fine condition. Here's a way to rid your house
of wacky joke gifts, appliances you ended up really not needing,
toiletries or artwork that are not "you." Give it away without guilt.

So, celebrate Buy Nothing Day by offering your gift-worthy
goodies between now and Sunday.

To find out more about Buy Nothing Day, go to: