Not getting what you Wanted?

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ADMIN: Not getting what you Wanted?

Freecycle(TM) can sure help out with finding a treasure or two. But have your recent Wanted posts fallen on deaf ears?

Maybe it's time to try balancing all your Wanted posts with a few Offers.

Here's why it works -

  1. Mainers are smart cookies. If they see you acting like Greedy Gerta, posting Want after Want and never offering up anything to the list, they will stop reading your posts all together.
  1. Showing that you are in tune with Freecycle(TM) and it's mission - to keep tangible and usable items from clogging our landfills - ensures that when you do have need of a Wanted item, people know that they can gift you with a treasure and not have it wind up in the trash the next week.
  1. We are a recycling group. We are here to ease the burden on our landfills. Showing that you understand this by being committed to Paying-It-Forward with your own Offers means that other list members are more likely to return the favor.

Freecycle(TM) works, but you will only get back what you put into it. So the next time you need to ask for the Moon, try offering up The Stars first... I bet you will see much "brighter" results :)

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