Multiple items ­how are these best managed?

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When Offering multiple items on a YAHOO based group, please encourage your members to include them in one email, to keep down the sheer numbers of emails.

When Offering items on a MyF based group, please have the members post each item separatly to allow the message maker to easily remove the matching post from the message board once the Taken is posted.


All WANTED Posts When posting multiple Wanted items on either a Yahoo based group, or a MyF based group, the wanted items should be placed all in one email and not sent separately for each item ....

  • Please use the Wanted feature sparingly on both Yahoo and MyF groups. Freecycle groups are not places to do Magic Catalogue shopping.
  • Example: Someone is setting up a new garden. 'Garden tools', as a general request, can be listed in the subject line of the wanted post and the tools being requested should be listed individually in the body of the post.
  • Please follow your group guidelines for the posting of wanted items as these guidelines vary from group to group.

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