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ADMIN Notices - Why Pet Breeding is NOT Allowed on Freecycle

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Example #1 - Why Pet Breeding is Not Allowed on Freecycle

Hello Freecycle(R) Member, I want to take a moment to let you know that Freecycle does not allow any type of animal breeding posts on any of its lists whatsoever... NO Exceptions!

Freecycle has one purpose and that is to keep still useable items out of the landfill. Does animal breeding serve that purpose? No it does not.

Also, breeding animals creates an excess population that will need to find homes. Breeders sell their animals and selling is not allowed on Freecycle.

Everything on Freecycle must always be FREE with no other agenda in mind. Yes, a lot of Freecycle groups do allow pet posts. However, we do that in order to help great pets find loving homes. The alternative to that is placing them into a shelter, which is where many of the excess population of dogs and cats live out their final days.

How does relocating a great pet into a loving home save the landfill, you ask? Well, pets that are "put down" or euthanized in shelters do end up in landfills, which is a very sad thing. Freecycle groups that do allow pet posts are working hard to stop that from happening and because of that, breeding does not serve the needs of Freecycle.


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