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Passing On your Freecycle Group / Stepping Down

At the core of what makes The Freecycle Network function smoothly are the many thousands of volunteers helping to moderate local groups. We understand that volunteers are not making this commitment for their entire lives and sometimes one's time constraints prohibit further volunteering. Below are some tips to help recruit new local volunteers to assume stewardship of the local group moving forward.

If you are pressed for time or need to step down more quickly, Contact your GOA. GOA will either take over your group or refer it to Interim Moderator Team (IMOD), which is a central volunteer team that moderates local groups until new local volunteers can be recruited. Thank you for caring enough to assure that the local group may continue to grow and to thrive.

If you want to do the recruiting and training yourself, your GOA can set you up with access to the World Playground so your trainee can practice, or you can train your co-mod yourself on your site. It is strongly recommended that you use these training materials.

Other Useful Information

An Example Letter to use as an Admin on your group to find a prospective new ModeratorRecruiting - Mod Recruit Letter

An Example Welcome to a newly appointed Moderator Recruiting - Welcome Letter