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ADMIN: End of Summer / Back To School Challenge #1

Hello XXX Freecycle(TM)!

Here we are sitting smack dab in the middle of summer and shortly down the road lies the harsh reality that, YES, summer is over and the kids go back to school. I can hear most of you parents screaming a victorious and collective "YES" amidst the multitude of groans from the youngsters who are returning for another year.

I have a great idea to make the transition easy for everyone, parents and kids alike! Let's all go through our homes and find those clothes/jackets/shoes that don't fit quite like they used to (from all family members), backpacks and/or book bags that are collecting dust, extra office/school supplies taking up needed space, Autumn sports equipment no longer in use, and fall home/garden items that are no longer needed and *POST* them on XXX Freecycle!

You never know what you will find that is no longer in use or required until you look... your items maybe exactly what someone else is looking for! Let's help others while decluttering our homes, workshops or garages and freeing up more time to spend with those we hold near and dear.

Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to seeing what treasures you have found for the rest of the community to reuse and enjoy!

Your XXX Freecycle Moderators

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