Moderator Manual:Guidelines for Moving on Site

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Can we keep running the Yahoo Group and the on-site group in tandem on an ongoing basis?

The short answer is no. The move on site generally takes about two weeks total. One may opt to have both groups running in tandem during the transition and a recommended period of time is about a week for both to be running at the same time for this transition period only. It is well more than double the normal moderator workload to moderate both groups at the same time, not to mention the fact that it is very confusing for members. Although any period longer than a week would be testing the sanity of the local volunteer moderators, we absolutely limit any parallel group items posting to no more than a month's time.

How do I get the local group moved on site?

If you are the local Lead Moderator, simply email your GOA. GOAs can be found here: and you'll be added to the waiting list for on-site moves. A move date will be agreed upon with you and you'll receive instructions and tips in order to enable a smooth move. You will also be able to join a playground group before moving so you can practice moderating and posting on a mock local group.