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Ideas to generate OFFER postings

Bedroom / Closets

  • Disposable bed pads you get from the hospital-think labor and delivery (a multitude of uses!!)
  • Old cushions - somebody's dog might use as a bed!
  • Old holey jeans (dissected, they make great patches)
  • Old worn out Quilts, comforters, throws - can be used as dog bedding.
  • Old sheets, towels - used to cover plants in winter, as drop cloths, cut up as rags, etc.
    (towels make great barn/garage rags)
  • OLD, no longer safe to use, HEAD BOARDS: Some people take those and make "flower beds" or use them and remake benches
  • Ratty t-shirts (make great barn/garage rags)

Kids / Toys

  • Bicycle parts or old ones for parts
  • Broken crayons
  • Jigsaw puzzles that you are never going to do again
  • Kids Toys
  • Pet toys, even used and chewed, and accessories

Garden / Yard

  • Garbage cans - old ones to used for yard trash, or composting bins.
  • Garden Hoses - even with holes, it can be cut up and used as drainage from a rain barrel.
  • Miscellaneous yard things, the old wheelbarrow that needs a tire.

Kitchen / Pantry / Bathroom

  • Contact lens cases, even used
  • Dishes and china - even broken, they can be used in crafts, mosaics and jewelry
  • Egg Cartons - The Styrofoam ones are often used by preschoolers for various projects.
  • Plasticware - Some hate the sound of metal forks on ceramic
  • Pots and Pans - even old ones no longer used for cooking
  • Prescription bottles (labels removed)
  • Empty Cat Litter Buckets
  • The box of old plumbing or electrical parts in the basement
  • Leftover building materials
  • Candle stubs
  • Old bowling balls, even chipped and cracked (for crafts)
  • Old magazines
  • Old paint cans (with or without paint, the cans can be cleaned and reused)
  • Ice Cooler - an old Styrofoam one with holes can be used to start a vermiculture (worm) bin.
  • Old paper - have a box of tractor-fed printer paper still lying around? Kids could use it to draw on!
  • Old cars and car parts, Tires that no longer fit your car
  • The old vacuum cleaner, taking up closet space
  • Empty baby wipe tubs
  • Magazines - kids can use them to do collages
  • Old stamps, stickers, popsicle sticks - think school crafts!
  • Umbrellas - use an old one hung upside down under chandeliers to
  • catch run-off when you clean them.
  • Sewing Supplies
  • Old electronics - there might be someone who can use that old turntable, cassette deck stereo, computer stuff...for parts or play