March-St. Patrick's Day

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Subject: St. Patrick's Day - Give away something green!

Hello Group!

Here's a fun challenge from your Moderator -

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by taking a few minutes to look around
your home and find something GREEN to give away. Yarn? Vase? Chair?
Shirt? Crafts? See what you can find!

Remember - You have something you don't want, and someone else needs
it. So ceblebrate 'green' by gifting 'green'. You'll benefit not
only the person who is excited and thankful to have your castoff item,
but also yourself and your home. It feels good to de-clutter and give
something away without any financial motivation.

I hope everyone is enjoying their experience with the XXXX
Freecycle(TM) group.
Let's all do this together so we can make a real difference!

Thanks and have a great week!