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Moving a Group to My.Freecycle - Moderators' Guide

If you've decided you'd like to learn more about moving on site, you'll first want to talk to your regional Group Outreach and Assistance volunteer (your "GOA"). They'll walk you through the process and get you set up as a moderator in the "fake" test group which is called the "Playground group" so you can try out on-site modding and get a feel for it with the trainer wheels still on. You can find your regional GOA listed here: GOA contacts. They'll walk you through the process. General steps and things you'll want to pay attention to follow below.

Click on the subject headings below to be taken to the relevant part of the documentation.

Getting started

There are three basic areas on for each local group:

What to Do Before the Move

What to Do During the Transition

What to Do After the Transition



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