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What to Do During the Transition

During - On
  • Begin to approve members (if you have your preferences set to approve members).
  • Begin moderating messages and sending notices.
  • Continue to field questions from members.
  • Any issues with the transition should immediately be directed to your GOA at: [1] .
During - On Yahoo! Group:
  • Send an ADMIN to the group letting them know the group has now moved and that the Yahoo! Group is now closed for posting (see Appendix for example).
  • When ready, set the Yahoo! Group so that all members are moderated (typically after 3-4 days).
  • After setting the Yahoo! Group on moderation, reject all incoming posts with a message to members telling them that the group has moved. This gives members who may have not seen your ADMINs an additional opportunity to find out that the group has moved on-site to