June-Father's Day

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Father's Day is coming up. I'm here to challenge each member to post up
one thing that could be of use to a Dad.

So a bar of soap that's been in the drawer like forever cause you really don't like it;
a shirt that he just doesn't like and won't wear;
that coat he liked and now hates;
that old shovel from the shed cause you are going to get him a new one;
the bbq cause he never lights it up anymore;
a book he's already read and won't read again;
a movie you won't watch again (or highly unlikely that is)

Assuming 25 members produce 25 Offers on Father's Day.
Then all of a sudden there are 25 things there, and
who knows, some people might find more things as they are looking

Also, you can 2 fold the challenge. Ask each member to post one item
to offer and then one item desired. And request that the members
really pay attention to the Wants on the thought of "they really
want that for Father's Day - do I really need it still?" If you can
answer "nope I don't really need it" then consider the possibility
of making someone's Father's Day very special. You don't have to,
but just consider it.

You could up the anti one more level and challenge each member to
One Offer, One Want and One Member. So on Father's Day they make a
point to tell at least one new person about Freecycle. If they take
it on, you ought see a little surge in membership that day and the
next day.