July-Independence Day

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July Independence Day-Independent of clutter!
Cleaning Hoe Out: Week 1, Kitchen and Dining

Good morning everyone!

Today kicks off Week 1 of the Summer Cleaning Hoe out. The Challenge
is to see if there is an item or two in your Kitchen and/or Dining room that you
can Offer on Freecycle(TM)

Remember the idea is to make a little space in our lives before the
summer brings guests and new adventures into our lives.

Go dig deep into the backs of your hutch, cabinets, and pantry for
items you haven't used in years.

Or, are you planning on getting any new table covers, place settings or
cookware for your big 4th of July picnic? If so, I'm sure there is a member who
would put the old ones to good use.

And, let's face it, in the summertime your dining room probably gets
as much use as a fan in a wind storm. So, this is the time to clean it
out of stuff you don't really use or like, spiff it up the way you
want it, and let it just 'sit pretty' all summer, while you bask in
the sunshine outdoors. Everyone who sees it will think you are the
decorating expert, too.

As always, if you have any questions, please reply to this message or
go to the group page to find the owner address to reach all the
moderators at once.

Subject: ADMIN: Summer Cleaning Hoe Out Week 2 Living and Family Rooms

As we continue the Month long Summer Cleaning Hoe out, we come to week 2:
Living and Family Rooms

This week's challenge - Look for surfaces you can clear. Try the OHIO
method and the 10 Second Rule to move that stuff on out.

  • O - Only
  • H - Handle
  • I - It
  • O - Once.

If it's in your hands it goes to its final destination, not to an intermediate pile.

10 Second Test - Once an object is in your hands you have 10 seconds
to answer the following:

  1. When was the last time you used it? Can't remember... get rid of it.
  2. Have you used it since the last time you gave it the 10 second test? If not, it's time it went.
  3. Does its value justify the space it takes up? Nope - then get rid of it
  4. Will you have a use for it in the next month? Again, if not, it needs to go.
  5. Why is it here? or What the heck is it? Don't know? it goes.

No matter how many questions, if you can't decide within 10 seconds if
the object should stay, it's an automatic purge.

Now don't forget to keep safety in mind while hoeing out. It's not
safe to run and play in a yard full of last season's sun toys. So a great
way to make the needed space is to use this Freecycle(TM) list and find those
items a new home for the sunny months.

And do not limit it to just table tops; think floor space. Maybe you should just get
rid of that old chair instead of moving it? There's probably a Freecycle member
who'll actually remove it for you.

There are members waiting in the wings to pick up your stuff. Let us
have it... we can take it.

Summer Cleaning Hoe Out week 3:
As we continue on with the Summer Cleaning Hoe out, we're already at
week 3!

This week we'll attempt to tackle the bathroom and linen closet.

We've all got that one guest we know will look in all the drawers and
cabinets while in the bathroom.

There are Freecycle (TM) members who would jump at the chance to take
your worn and frayed towels, wash cloths, sheets, and blankets for use
with their animals, crafts and messy jobs.

There are also members who will gladly take the cleaning products
you'll never use. In this category, think not nice smelling air
fresheners, the cleaner that didn't touch your hard water stains, the
one that was too harsh etc.

Now please note, there are a lot of things in the bathroom that can't
be offered on this Freecycle list. One thing for sure is your
medications. When in doubt, the Moderators would be happy to answer
your questions before you post.

Ok, have fun culling from the Bath room and Linen closet.

Week 4 Bedrooms and Kids Toys

During this week we are going to clear out the bedrooms and the kid's

Make space in your dresser now for the new shorts and tank tops! Don't
forget, you're wearing that new sun dress and swim suit.
Let's get rid of all the ones that no longer fit, or match.

And let's not forget the kids... There are many parents out there who
would love to re-gift the sun toys your kids hardly ever touch so you
can make room for the new stuff. Maybe get the kids
together and let them help hoe out their stash. Remind them it
makes more room in the yard for that ball game. (Or have you
been promising a pool when the yard is cleaned up enough?)

Week 5: Final Round Up

Ok, this is the final week of the Summer Cleaning Hoe out. We've already
gotten to most of your stuff. This is our last chance to clear out
before the major heat hits. So go back over the areas we've already
covered for any objects you may have changed your mind on.

This is also a good time to check through your storage areas. After
all, if you haven't already, you're about to pull out all the
lawn chairs and lawn games that have been in storage for the last year.

Won't it be so much easier to put everything away afterward if the
space is clear?

Again, will you be upgrading your picnic equipment? Go ahead and offer
the old
one. Someone will be happy to take it off your hands.