January-New Year's

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Release the Clutter Challenge::

Happy New Year Freecycle members!

Today we are to start with a challenge; "Release the Clutter! Time to shine in 2009!"

Don't bury your unused garland or wreaths or place unwanted gifts in
that "out of sight location". Share those new treasures and free up
some space.

I know I can't be the only one that received a few gifts under the tree
that makes me scratch my head or wonder why I have Christmas items in
my possession that should have been gone last year.

So let's start a ripple effect. Let's band together by cleaning out
the clutter and try to get rid of at least nine** items per person in
honor of a great year! I'll start right now. Who wants to
join me?

    • I used the number nine for the year 2009...simply change the number to reflect what you prefer.