FC3.0 known issues

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Functionality not yet ready for testing

  • email: FC3.0 has not yet been hooked up to the mail servers. Workaround: use My Messages or communicate externally.

Known issues

Towns and Moderator messaging

  • There's no way to initiate contact with a moderator under the tab labeled Contact a Moderator unless you have previously initiated contact under My Towns > Message Moderators
  • Maps:Location coordinates haven't been loaded for groups other than western U.S. and the U.K. If the location coordinates haven't been loaded the group won't show up in a search. Some location coordinates are incorrect.
  • Notices have file descriptions showing instead of file names. This was by design since uploaded file names aren't user friendly.

Internet Explorer is not supported

  • Please choose a different browser

Error Messages

  • If you get an error message in the 500 range (500, 503, etc.) this may be an indication that what you were trying to do has timed out. Please report this on your feedback form, but also try again later as the system may just be experiencing some temporary slowness.

Moderator issues

Modtools3.0 is under development. Here are some things you should know about using FC2.0 modtools with FC3.0:

Files and Admins

There are major changes in the way Files and Admins are being handled in FC3.0. Click here to read more.

Messaging members

It is not possible to initiate a conversation with a member using My Messages. Workaround: use Modtools to send a message or send via email.