FC3.0 known issues

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(Note: numbers cited, like #870, are ticket numbers for our internal bug-tracking system. Testers need not worry about them)

Site slowness

We are still tuning and optimizing the new servers and code. Performance will improve before final launch.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • The "Alerts" feature is on-site only, though in the future it will also send emails. (#870)
  • the new Modtools3.0 is under development. Click here for information on using legacy modtools with FC3.
  • The ability to send notices to all members of a Town group will be added before final launch
  • The empty boxes marked Units 1-3 with dimensions are for future ads
  • On certain devices and browsers (Chrome, Opera, Android), when viewing a post detail page, the back arrow doesn't take you back to where you were before on the Dashboard. #1283

Unsupported or problematic browsers

  • Internet Explorer (officially unsupported)

If there are other browsers that don't function properly with the site, please let us know about them by providing details about the browser (including version), your operating system and hardware.


  • When posting more than one photo, it is often the second photo uploaded that shows up on the Dashboard. #1286
  • On iPhones, sometimes one photo shows up as a black square. #1278

Error Messages

  • If you get an error message in the 500 range (500, 503, etc.) this is a code or server issue. Specifically, a 503 error is probably an indication that what you were trying failed because some part of the system timed out (database, email, etc). This is likely temporary and trying again later it will work. We'll be optimizing the system before and during beta testing and these time outs will happen less and less often. If you experience repeated 503s even after trying again at another time, or you see other 5xx errors, Please report this on your feedback form.


  • In some cases, the message counters are inaccurate. (both the top level and topic tab counts) ( #1155 )
  • It is not possible for a moderator to initiate a conversation with a member using My Messages unless that member is a Friend. This is by design. If you need to contact a member of a group you moderate, use Modtools to send a message or send via email.


  • When a moderator approves a member's request to join a Town, there is a significant delay before the Town shows up in the member's list of Towns. #1150


  • Posts made via FC3 have visible HTML on legacy post/digest emails. This will go away once legacy post emails are turned off.
  • Digests can only be mailed from the legacy system until legacy post emails are turned off.
  • Photos will be added to emails for individual post notices
  • Posts that go through moderation are mailed via the legacy system. This will go away once legacy post emails are turned off.
  • Footer contains incorrect links for Terms, Privacy and Contact. #1257


  • Diacritical marks (like umlauts, accents, etc) and non-Roman characters often do not get displayed correctly in emails. #1087
  • Sections of email footers not yet translated. #1151
  • "Cancel post" in post actions not yet translated.
  • Some of the documents linked from the onsite footer are not translated.

Files and Admins

Files and Admins are being combined into a new category called Notices. There is currently no way for a moderator to send a Notice to all members of a Town group, but there will be before the beta test period starts. #1104

How to report issues with FC3

  1. Check the Tech group.
  2. During Beta, report issues on this Google form