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Getting started with FC3.0


Your Dashboard is your personal "control center." Dashboard

Things you can do on your Dashboard

My Messages

My messages
My Messages

Things you can do in My Messages

My Posts

My Posts

Things you can do in My Posts

My Friends

My Friends

Things you can do in My Friends

My Towns

My Towns

Things you can do in My Towns

Click on the name of a Town Group to

Top Navigation panel (all Freecycle.org pages)

Dashboard pre-alpha labeled.jpg




New Alerts

New Messages

Make a Post

How to get help

Search or browse our knowledge base for answers to questions and solutions to common problems
Contact your local Town Group Moderators
Contact Freecycle
Report scams and spam
For the sitemap, add /sitemap after freecycle.org in the url

List of known issues in FC3.0

For Moderators

Information on the transition to FC3
List of moderator issues in FC3.0