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<poem> Hi Group

Well, it is that time of the year again. Halloween is over, dentists are happily taking appointments for orthodontic toffee removal, and Freecycle members everywhere can emerge from their homes safe from persecution by mini-ghosts and elves...only to be faced by the terror of pre-Christmas shopping crowds.

Anyway, we all would like to find a special something for someone equally special. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

Go through your closets and drawers for new or hardly used things you may have been given last year (or last decade!).

  • Like that pair of fuzzy tartan toe socks Great Aunt Tillie gave you which remain (mercifully) unworn.
  • Drag down from the loft those duplicate toasters, kettles & George Foreman mini grills garnered from your wedding loot collection.
  • What about that throw rug your fave catalog clubbie sent free with your last knicker/bedspread/fruit of the month order? It's lovely but totally not your colors and too good for the cat.

Stick them on Freecycle - maybe someone else can enjoy them this year!

When you do make Offers, please try NOT to do "fastest finger gets it" thing. There are many members not surgically attached to their computers or on 'Daily Digest', reading their email only once a day. They won't get a chance to respond to your Offer if you automatically take the first reply.

Unless you need to get rid of the item very quickly, try to give others a chance to respond first and chose the person you feel would best benefit from your item. This way everyone gets to feel the thrill of getting something cool for free :)

There are lots of ways you can choose to whom your item goes:

  • put all the names into a hat and choose one,
  • give it to the politest responder,
  • ask responders to send you a poem or joke, or
  • even write the most creative story they can think of!

Of course it is up to you who you choose but at least when possible try to give everyone a chance.

Please don't put Wanteds on the board asking specifically for Christmas or Birthday presents, especially not the latest and greatest toy crazes! Many people can't afford anything but the basics and Freecycle helps fill this gap by keeping otherwise usable items out of the landfill and getting them to those who genuinely need them.

However, not specifically mentioning Christmas or birthday presents in your Wanteds is a more tactful way to word your email.


Your group moderators