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This month's challenge is....Craft and Hobby Month!

I know that our XXX Freecycle(R) Members have all sorts of talents and skills and hobbies. Now's the time to share them. See what you have lying around from your crafts and hobbies that you can share with someone else!

For our crafters out there, do you have extra supplies? Extra scrapbooking material? A surplus of yarn or materials? Wood for woodburning projects?

People who enjoy hobbies, do you have extra things lying around? Books about your hobby? Stamp collecting kits? Models?

Be creative! What are your hobbies? What do you do make? Look around and see what you have that may make someone else interested in YOUR hobby or craft! You never know what might spark someone's interest. I'd like to see some interesting items!

Have fun and as always, thanks for choosing XXX Freecycle!

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