August-Book Appreciation Month

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It's Clean up Week – and you thought you had nothing to post ~ ah,
just wait til you see THIS list!!!! Here's a few places to look.

I know I can't be the only one that stockpiles books.
Why, I spent one whole day cleaning out my bookshelves
(yes, THAT'S why there are so many books being offered this fine morn).
So don't make me feel bad. Share the love! It's book appreciation month.
Now, let's look for MORE goodies you know longer have the time for that
others might be wishing they could have!

The entrance/coat closet:
It is amazing how many items get jammed in here.
For the most part you have no idea why they are there.
How many extra coats are there that you don't wear?
How about cleaning that top shelf?

The linen closet:
Odd sheets and pillow cases? Why are you keeping them?
Kids moved away from home and you still those old twin sheets?
Do you need them? Do you even own a twin bed anymore?
Old towels that you've replaced, but not thrown these out?
Pass them on.

The bathroom:
Extra lotions or bath items that have never used?
Do you really ever plan to?
Lotions you didn't like or shampoos that made your hair limp?
Just cause you didn't like them – doesn't mean someone else won't.
(Just make sure you say partially used.) What's under the sink?
Want to change your colors – offer up your blues and ask for someone
else's greens!!!

The bedroom:
What's under your bed that you haven't looked at in years?
What's in the back of your drawers of your dressers?
What clothes are hiding in the far back of your closet
– you know the ones you look at and say "well, maybe if….."
What's hiding down in the corner of the closet?
– you know, those boxes that are stuffed down there.
And what's up on the top shelf of the closet that you haven't
touched in years?
– those shoe boxes, hat boxes and other assorted various
types of boxes.
Do you have one of those portable closets that hasn't been unzipped
in years – zip it and post it.

The kitchen:
How often do you use the blender, inside grill, dehydrator, food
processor, etc.
Is it being useful or taking up space??
How about that extra toaster or other small appliance that you never
Extra old dishes taking up space?
Fruit bowls, punch bowls, 10 mixing bowls and 10 pie plates
– how often are you planning to use them all??
What's hiding in the far back reaches of your kitchen cupboards that
haven't seen the light of day in over a year
– drag it out and post it up.

The Kid's room:
What toys do they never play with anymore? Books they've outgrown.
Sheets they don't care for anymore – time for a pattern change or
color change?
Posters old – time to Freecycle them.

The attic!!!!:
Oh man the things you could find up here.
Unless it's family heirlooms or Christmas ornaments, I'm not sure
why it's up there.
If it a someday maybe use it again – use is as a gift on Freecycle
and make somebody's day.

The basement: any questions – go read the attic!!!

The shop and or Garage:
what old tools have you replaced but not disposed of the old one?
What will you do with those old flower pots?
Nails and screws coming out of the cracks – Freecycle some on to
someone who needs a few.
Extra hoses – we could all use one.
Old building materials left over
– you'd be amazed how some people just need a little bit and
yours would help.

If this didn't stimulate your brain, then maybe you don't have
anything to post up, but I think you could find something.
Old film containers, empty fruit baskets, meat trays, egg cartons,
and the list goes on as far as your imagination.
But I still dare you to go look in all those corners, crooks and
crannies or your homes and see what you can find.
You'd be amazed!!!!