April-Earth Day, April Fools Day

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Earth Day challenge::

Hello Green Friends,

Your moderators hereby challenge all of you to find one thing in your
possession that you can offer here between now and this Friday, April

Anything! Big, small, pretty, ugly, working, in need of fixing,
children's items, adult items, pet goodies, anything.

Sometimes people list an item to give and say something like "pick up
today or it's going in the trash tomorrow.!" Let's avoid that by offering
it tonight or tomorrow.

Has your spouse been nagging you to get rid of something? Do your kids
think you're hanging onto an eyesore? Are you tired of the
astronomical amount of toys cluttering the house?

Here's your chance. Take the Earth Day/Week Challenge right now.
It's so easy to do; just sweep through your house and you'll probably
find something in the first room you visit.

I double dare you all to meet this challenge.
Yes, all 4,633 of you could keep 1 item out of the landfill this
week by offering something to your neighbors now. That would be 4,633
offers to be posted on this board!


Let's go!

Freecycle Moderators