Ambassadors Role In Contacting Groups

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Ambassadors contact groups to move on-site or to get on-site privileges.

IF the group owner says yes:
First, do verify the person making this decision is the group owner by asking for a screen shot of all moderators. This, you will send to Elaine at

Ambassadors make sure the lead moderator/team leader/group owner has on-site privileges and an invitation to the Playground (to ensure the lead moderator is prepared for the move). This is done through the GOA. We do not have privileges to promote members on my.freecycle.

Ambassadors then forwards email the move request to

IF the group owner says no:

Ambassador asks the lead moderator/team leader/group owner for their information to promote them on their group on My.Freecycle if they have not already provided it.

Ambassadors also ask if they would like to join their regional/state Playground to test out the features in case they want to move in the future.

We do not address opting out in any way in our contact with the mods. Opting out of the option for the members to use for Yahoo Groups is no longer permitted. Should a group have a concern in this regard, the local group owner may contact the GOA

Tracking Progress

  1. Site Ambassador will receive group information from the upper echelon of Freecycle
  2. Site Ambassador will make a spreadsheet if one has not been created and share with GOA, Info Team Leader and Ambassador who will work the groups
  3. Site Ambassador will disseminate groups to Ambassadors
  4. Ambassadors in charge of groups will make three formal attempts to contact group owner(s)/moderators/team leaders via –
  5. Ambassadors in charge will log in spreadsheet each date for the formal attempts of contact
  6. If no response with the first two emails, send a third and final email, CCing the GOA
  7. If positive response, share with, and GOA of selected region/state
  8. If negative response, keep the lines of communication open, sending the AmbassadorManual:Why_Move? email
  9. Do not forget to offer the option of waiting list or state playground to each moderator so they can experience MyF in a safe place
  10. Do not forget to encourage moderators to join THEIR MyF group to be promoted by their GOA so they can manage it

It is IMPERATIVE to ALWAYS keep positive lines of communication open. If you feel things 'going south', please contact your site ambassador for help